About Obamacare-enrollment.com


Obamacare-enrollment is a site where you can find detailed information on the Affordable Care Act

  • Health Insurance Marketplace for individuals and small businesses
  • Where you can find local help
  • Information about expanded Medicare benefits
  • Affordable Care Act information about all 50 states and District of Columbia




ACAI are the initials for Affordable Care Act Insurance. We can also be found at the web address obamacare-enrollment.com.

We at ACAI believe that the ACA takes significant steps forward in lowering the costs and improving the way medical services are delivered in the United States. We also believe that there is much work yet to be done to make the U.S. healthcare system on par or superior to healthcare systems in other first world economies.

Added to the confusion are the politics. Different states have taken different paths to implement or foil the implementation of the Act.

It is our hope that the state-by-state information we have compiled on the how the Act is being implemented will help individuals and small business make informed decisions about obtaining health insurance and better recommendations on how to improve the ACA.

If there is something we have missed or you would like more information please use the following form to contact us.




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